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PMSF UK Families Day London

I had the great priviledge of being asked by PMSF UK to photograph their bi-annual families day at a primary school in Highgate London.

As a wedding and events photographer I leapt at this great opportunity, not just because I love my work, but because my own son has additional needs. To work for a charity that is doing great work for children with a rare condition is something I wanted to be involved with.

Arriving an hour before the day properly started I walked to the school on a bright, if overcast day. Meeting Dr. Katy Phelan and Sue Lomas, the president of PMSF, as well as the trustees of PMSF UK and the organiser of this great day really set a tone for the day ahead. It was going to be filled with fun, networking and some great mutual support.

Families started to arrive and soon the main play yard was full of mums, dads and children having breakfast (which looked amazing) playing, talking and catching up with those they had not seen in some time. There were also those for whom this was their first year and it was great to see the warm welcome and friendship extended without question.

Once everyone had arrived Alison Turner, Penny Bradley and Giles Bradley got up on stage and welcomed everyone to the 2019 families day. They gave some very impassioned speeches that were well received. The plan for the day was also outlined for everyone and then the day got underway.

I circled round the two yards and indoor area capturing the families and children enjoying the activities on offer. It was really heart warming to witness the love and tenderness given on this day. Children with additional needs are often complex and bring varying degrees of challenge depending on the level of need they have. Phelan-McDermid Syndrome has a broad spectrum of impact on those it affects, subsequently the range of need varies. However, to see all these wonderful children brought together and supported under one banner filled me with the greatest admiration, respect and affection for this charity and those it supports.

Here you will find some of the photographs I took for PMSF UK on their families day and I hope you will see some of what I had the joy to shoot.

Peter Austin